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Red marks after use

The adsorption function during use may cause some stimulation to sensitive skin, we suggest:

1, Before use, do a hot compress to fully open the pores, this device comes with a hot compress function, if you feel that the hot compress function can not fully open the pores, you can use a hot towel to apply a hot compress for 5-8 min (especially in the cold winter weather), a full hot compress can effectively open the pores, so that the dirt is easier to be suctioned out, reducing the production of red marks;
2, When you start to use the adsorption function, it is recommended to try from the smallest suction, and then increase the power after the skin is adapted to find the most suitable suction for you;
3, When using, please don't stay in the same place for more than 5s, point suction or gently lift and slowly slide, don't drag hard, otherwise it will aggravate the red marks or hurt your skin;
4.For optimal use of this device, we recommend following the sequence: ‘Warm’-’Vacuum’-’Cleaning’-’Ice’. We suggest opting for the low level during the ‘Warm’ and ‘Ice’ modes, and choosing a level that suits you for the ‘Vacuum’ and ‘Cleaning’ modes. If your skin is delicate, you can adjust the steps accordingly. For example, consider using a hot towel to open your pores for 5-8 minutes before proceeding, and then exclusively use the ‘Warm’ function for cleaning the skin. This approach can still yield effective cleansing results.
5, After use, wash your skin with water and use a soothing mask to ease the discomfort, you can also use masks etc. to help soothe your skin and accelerate the fading of red marks.

*Please be careful not to use the product on scarred or fragile skin, and please do not use the device after plastic surgery or nose job!

Why the device doesn't get out of water sometimes?

1, Make sure there is enough water in the tank.
2, The suction head should be close to the skin during use, otherwise, it may no water get out
3, In vacuum mode, no water will come out

Why does my device stop working?

1, Stop automatically after completing a treatment cycle.
2, Device is tilted too much (Over than 40°)Pause the working with sound a 'Di' the angle tilt warning indicator will light up

If you have any further questions, please contact us via email at