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Microneedling Pen Professional Kit 


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How microneedling works

The device is used to improve the appearance of the skin and reduce signs of aging. lt is intended to stimulate the skin with micro-needles for collagen and elastin production. The microchannels created in the superficial skin by the device also help with the absorption of skin serums.

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Overview of the VIQURE H3



Automatic application of serum

When the cartridge acts on the skin up and down, the microneedle pierces the epidermis and opens thousands of fine channels. At this time, the essence liquid will automatically penetrate from the applicator and reach the deep skin evenly, with the absorption rate up to 90% higher than that of manual application. With the function of microneedle, the skin tissue repair can be quickly started, stimulate cell regeneration, restore the vitality and elasticity of the skin, and double the healing effect

Adjustable liquid output

In order to adapt to essence with different con-sistency, there are three levels of customized liquid output, and the liquid output can be con-trolled with the speed gear. The higher the speed gear, the more liquid output frequency,and vice versa


Three kind of needle types solve different skin problems

*Needles are disposable, safe and sanitary



Removing acne,Acnepits and marks, scar and stretch marks


Nano - HR

Whiten the skin,moisturize and tight-en, shrink pores, and fade fine lines


Nano - HS

For fine lines aroundeyes, sensitive musclesred blood

Adjustable Working Speed and Needle Length

Multi-faceted care,meet different skin care needs


Customized Experience

You can adjust the needle length by turning the rotary dial according to your skin condition, and you can also choose from 6 working speeds, from slow to fast, by pressing the button. It is very easy to use and convenient, making it suitable for various skin types.

Safer and More Comfortable

The cartridges adopt a fixed ring bayonet for secure locking, eliminating worries about them falling off during use. The waving design on the cartridge's edge helps distribute the serum evenly and massages the skin for better serum absorption.


 Perfect Skin Beauty Solution

Before - Skin Condition
× Scars & Marks
× Wrinkle & Fine Lines
× Marks & Pores
× Deep Pits & Spots
× Bad Texture
× Hair Loss
With VIQURE H3 - Perfect Skin
√  Healthy & Rejuvenated Skin
√  Boosted Collagen
√  Hydrated & Glowing Skin
√  End of Hair Loss Problem
√  Youthful & Glowing Skin
  No More Marks & Pots

Before and After


With Low Battery Warning



Model name : VIQURE  H3

Adapter Input : 100-240V 50-60HZ Output : 5V 2A

Package Weight : 390 g Size : 169*123*56 mm

Packing List

Item Quantity
Hand Piece 1 pc
Adapter 1 pc
Manual 1 pc
Power Cable 1 pc
Needle Cartridge Nano-HS * 4PCS
Nano-HR * 3PCS
H12 * 3PCS


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